New Case Studies

Three new case studies were completed around the time the Toolkit was published, but too late to fit in the book. They are all really useful; follow the links below to read them.

 Advanced Twitter search for social monitoring and patron interaction (August 2012)

Andy Burkhardt is an expert on using Twitter to hear what people are saying about his library, and interacting with users at their point of need. This case study takes you through the process and gives tips on doing the same thing for your own library.


The MyLanguage Internet Portal (June 2012)

Oriana Acevedo (who also contributes a case study to the book itself) takes us through marketing to multicultural communities, via videos in many languages. It's about a specific project in Australia but the lessons apply across the board.


The Bodleian Libraries' Treasures app!  (May 2012)

The first ever website-only case study, from Alison Prince (Web Manager at Bodleian Libraries). It's about their mobile app on iPad, iPhone and Android platforms, which has had rave reviews and been terrifically successful, reaching a whole new audience for the library.


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