Friday, 1 June 2012

Has Google+ reached the tipping point: do libraries need to be there?

Google+ has become a huge social network in a very short space of time, and although it has had teething problems and some people really don't get along with it, as always the mantra is 'market penetration is key'. In other words, if your users are on it, your library should probably be on it too. It now has over 90 million users, so it's at least worth exploring whether you can get traction from using it as a library outreach tool. Notably, 60% of users log-in daily (up on Twitter's 50%) meaning it's potentially a more regular line of communication between your library and its users.

At the time I wrote the book Google+ was largely only catering for individuals, but now business accounts are supported and becoming more commonplace. I'll be writing in more detail about the network on this blog once I've set up an account for the Toolkit and explored it more fully - for the moment, help is at hand via the second infographic of the day! This one comes from (via the eConsultancy blog) and it's aimed at businesses rather than libraries specifically - but as always it's really instructive to learn from business, because to survive and thrive libraries must market themselves like any other savvy business would. There's a lot to take in here but it's worth reading the whole thing as there's a lot of useful tips, and I like the 'you are what you share' motto.

If you're viewing this in Google Reader and the graphic isn't displaying, here it is on the Involver site.

You might also want to check out (Toolkit contributor) David Lee King's guide to setting up a Google+ page for your library, or this offering from the always excellent Joe Murphy.

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